SBA Loans Require So Much Paperwork

Getting an SBA loan requires so much paperwork!

Unfortunately, I am not going to tell you about a no document, no qualification, instant funding alternative. However, would it have helped if your banker simply helped you organize and complete the application and supporting documents?

I can’t tell you how many borrowers have come to us and said that when they went to their Bank the only thing they left with was a shiny folder full of incomplete documents.  Additionally they were asked to come back with the had their application and supporting documents nicely packaged. Many relayed feeling that they were left alone to figure it out.  Kind of like that old banking adage “only those that can show they do not need a loan can get one.”

There is an alternative. NonBank Lender supports our applicants with coaching and consultation throughout the process. The biggest difference is that our team members serve as your advocate during the approval process. It is kind of like having someone on the inside to champion your cause.

You will notice that there is still paperwork involved. However, we will explain the significance of each document and help you to collect and interpret the data of your life to complete the information in the best light possible. Say no to a one size fits all solution, choose something better. At NonBank Lender, our name says it all, you deserve a better solution. Fill out the form below for a frank assessment of your project and a customized financing plan.


SBA Loans Require So Much Paperwork
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SBA Loans Require So Much Paperwork
Getting an SBA loan on your own is a difficult task to achieve! Discover a better solution with NonBank Lender.