SBA 504 Rate Drops

SBA’s two recent fee reductions on 504 loans allow you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

What changed?
SBA Guarantee Fee was slashed to ZERO, down from 0.50%. This is NOT the bank participation fee, but rather the one-time charge to the borrower, assessed as part of the debenture origination cost.

SBA Borrower Fee, part of the APR calculation, was lowered to .914%…down from .937%. The end result: APR is lowered an average of 23 basis points which reduces monthly payments.

How much you can save on a $2 million project:
Guarantee Fee $4,047 savings (approx)
Borrower Fee $8,700 savings (approx, 20-yr term)
$12,747 Total Savings

Use these cuts to save money today! We can quickly prepare a custom use-of-proceeds and prequalify you in 48 hours.