SBA Loans For Manufacturing

Loan Amount: $288,755
Business Type: Glass Manufacturer
Date Funded: Q 1 2014
Appraised Value: $535,000
Location: San Bernardino County, CA

Through the SBA 504 lending program, small businesses finance the purchase, construction and renovation of commercial real estate as well as the acquisition and installation of heavy machinery and equipment through long-term, government-guaranteed loans. The ability of a business to combine real estate and equipment purchases makes the program ideally suited for manufacturing firms and related companies.



NonBank Lender helps small business owners get funded through the SBA 504 program. Secure the capital your business needs to grow at 5-7% interest rates.


At NonBank Lender, we pride ourselves on helping you grow your business. Fill out the form below for a free assessment of your project. Let us build a financing solution that is just for you. Reject the one size fits all approach, you deserve better.

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