NonBank Lender: Helping Smart Money Access Commercial Real Estate

It is no surprise that Commercial Real Estate is fast becoming the safe haven for smart money. With prices recovering slowly and rates continuing to be at or near historic lows, Commercial Real Estate is a great option for those needing assets that offer a strong yield with low risk of loss. According to an article appearing from In the first quarter of 2015, commercial real estate transactions jumped by 45% in dollar volume. The article cited a growing influx of Foreign capital looking for a home in commercial real estate. Some $24 Billion in Foreign capital flowed into U.S. property investments in the first quarter of 2015. This figure is especially impressive as it represents more than half of all such funds received in 2014.

NonBank Lender and its partner, The Cirrus Fund, have been funding commercial real estate transactions since 2009. During that entire time investors have never experienced a single loss and have realized a return on their investment each month. The difference between The Cirrus Fund and the Block Buster deals mentioned in the Yahoo Finance article is that The Cirrus Fund provides access for everyone, not just the mega wealthy.

NonBank Lender originates loans by working with Credit Worthy small business borrowers that specifically want to purchase a home for their business.  Typically, that financing will result in a NonBank Lender loan asset that is roughly half  (50%) of the properties value. Loans are made to deserving Borrower’s that demonstrate a historical ability to repay the requested debt. As you can see these loan assets put our investors in an extremely good position. The interest and fees received from the NonBank Lender loan assets provide the monthly revenue to pay investors. The partnership between NonBank Lender and The Cirrus Fund is reshaping the investment landscape by allowing everyday investors the opportunity to directly support their small business community while making roughly three times what is available in traditional bank Certificates of Deposit (CD’s).

Finally a company that you can understand, we pride ourselves on the level of disclosure provided to each investor and the clear communication each Borrower receives when going through the loan funding process.

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