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What’s Going on With the 504 Loan Program?


What's Going on With the 504 Loan Program? There's something about the SBA 504 loan. • The numbers seem to work. Borrowers put down as little as 10 percent. Rates are low and fixed -- 20 years for real estate uses and 10 for equipment purchases. Banks finance half the amount, with a guarantee [...]

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2016 SBA Lending Outlook


2016 SBA Lending Outlook BA lenders indicate they continue to be optimistic about business prospects for the 2016 fiscal year, which starts today, and although confident about the outcomes, they are less sure about the elements that will make loan growth certain. A solid 100% of those responding to the SBA Lending Outlook Survey [...]

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SBA Loan Application Checklist


SBA Loan Application Checklist CDC/504 Loan Application Process Once you have decided to apply for a loan guaranteed by the SBA, you will need to collect the appropriate documents for your application. The SBA does not provide direct loans. The process starts with your lender, working within SBA guidelines. Use the SBA loan application [...]

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504 Rate History


504 Rate History SBA 504 LOAN PROGRAM INTEREST RATES The SBA 504 Loan Program provides our borrowers with an attractive financing solution by dividing the loan into two parts: The First Mortgage is provided by NonBank Lender and is approximately 50% of the total amount needed; The Second Mortgage is provided by the SBA, [...]

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How Do Commercial Construction Loans Work?


How Do Commercial Construction Loans Work? The SBA 504 Loan - Commercial Construction Loans The SBA 504 Commercial Construction Loan allows Small and Mid-Sized Businesses to build an "owner occupied" commercial property from the ground up or to expand an existing facility. "Owner Occupied" for SBA construction loans means your business occupies 60% or [...]

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How Non-bank Lenders Can Serve Small Businesses Better


How Non-bank Lenders Can Serve Small Businesses Better During the recent recession, many traditional financing options for small businesses dried up. Even when the economy started to rebound, banks increased loans to large businesses while scaling back financing for small businesses. Small businesses owners have struggled to secure financing, and as a result, hopeful [...]

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