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About NonBank Lenders

NonBank Lender began operating in 2009, during the worst economic disaster in recent history, with an idea and challenge; to serve a broader spectrum of credit worthy borrower’s than simply those who can prove they do not need a loan.

NonBank Lender is private lender, which combines resources from our investors and select lenders to meet the financing needs of our borrowers.

Our unique capital structure allows us to meet the needs of more borrowers than your traditional bank. We want Credit worthy borrowers that simply can and will repay their debt.

Our borrowers are generally for profit businesses with at least a full tax year in operation and can demonstrate an ability to repay the debt they are requesting. Personal credit history is just as important to us as it is to you and therefore our minimum credit score is 650.

NonBank Lender currently provides financing solutions for borrower’s who are purchasing real estate or long-term equipment (e.g. useful life of greater than 10 years). Presently we do not provide financing for working capital. However our programs are always being updated and refined so check back often.

Why Choose NonBank Lender?

Mid 5% Interest RAtes

With the SBA and NBL each funding a portion of the total financing, current blended rates are in the mid 5% range.

10% or less Down for Qualified Borrowers

The down payment is calculated on the total project, which includes the purchase price and all eligible fees and expenses.

Approval in 5 to 7 Days

Once the credit file is organized we can identify a successful applicant within 5 to 7 business days easily.

No Payments for 90 Days

We normally insist that the loan include between 1 and 3 months of prepaid interest to support a less stressful transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NonBank Lender work?

NonBank Lender works with a network of private investors and select traditional lenders to meet the needs of the broadest cross section of credit worthy Borrowers for SBA 504 loans.

How are you different from the bank?

Unlike traditional Banks, NonBank Lender can focus on more than simply credit scores and tax returns. In the most simple terms we are looking for Borrower’s that can and will repay their debts.

How do I know that my loan application information is secure with NonBank Lender?

The security of your information is our most important goal. Unlike traditional banks your information is not passed from department to department and product manager to product manager. At NonBank Lender you work directly with a single professional who acts as your advocate throughout the process. Additionally, we work with a limited number of select private and public funding sources intentionally to engage only those who are interested in funding our client’s loan requests. Moreover, your information is stored in a customized secure cloud-based file sharing server, which not only requires two-step password authentication , but also encrypts any transmission of customer files. Finally, our cloud-based file sharing system requires all participants to have their access monitored by our company, which allows suspicious activity to be identified more quickly.

What kinds of businesses can get loans?

Generally speaking if you meet the following we will likely be able to help you: a) Organized as a for-profit business b) Purchasing either real property or equipment with a useful life of at least 10 years c) At least one tax return showing a full twelve months of business activity. d) Cash flow from your business that demonstrates the ability to repay the proposed debt e) Minimum personal credit score 650.

How fast can I get approved?

Once a credit file is completed, 5 to 7 business days.

What does the process take- Start to Funding?

Typical real estate purchase, with an active and organized Borrower, should take 45 to 60 days.

Next Steps?

Let us help your business secure funding for the SBA 504 Loan today. Please give us a call 512 856 4NBL (4625) or email info@nonbanklender.comif you have any questions.

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